What Sets Poker Apart From Other Games

Poker has been a famous pastime ever since its foundation in the 19th century, however with over 60 million poker players in the United States and more than 100 million players worldwide according to WPT; there is no game that comes close. According to those figures, there are more players of poker than there is that play tennis, golf or billiards.

??sf??The popularity of poker soared in the 20th century and is popular among spectators as it is players. A game of poker could be played among a group of friends, as well as online. Players can find the best casinos to play poker at . But, what separates poker from the other games that you can play at casinos?


Inexperienced players who play the game always lament lousy luck for their consistent losing, and this is something that infuriates players that know the truth. If the game revolved around luck, then novice players would be mainstays on the world circuit. However, it isn't, and a deep understanding of the game is the reason why the best players are professionals. This makes it a unique game; as the same can't be said for slot machines and craps.

Poker requires strategic knowledge and skills that enable players to win consistently. Of course, the only luck that is needed is the cards, but even the best players can use their skills to make the best of their bad deal.

Bad Hands

??sf??Unlike blackjack, where the cards you're dealt could either help or hinder your chances of winning, the cards that are dealt in poker, no matter how bad; can be a winning hand. This is where the skill of the player comes to the fore, and the professionals are able to execute their strategic plans. The bluffing aspect of the game makes it unique to anything else at the casino.

??sf??Players can use nothing but deception in order to win the round. It was found at the University of Denver that 82% of players were decided on what they were going to do with the showdown. This means that the way players bet and the cards that are played actually decided the ultimate winner of the round.

Social Element

While all casino games have a certain social element to them, none of them come close to the social aspects that come with poker since you're actually playing against the player sitting opposite you opposed to the dealer. Because of the combination of strategy, luck, skill and social negotiation that comes with poker; the ability that a player has to read their opponent's body language is the vital element in deciding how good somebody is at the game.

Although this skill can be learned over time and experience playing the game against different opponents; ultimately there are players that are naturally better regarding this skill, and those are the players that are most likely to maximize the bluff as their tactic.